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Time affected the maturity.

Oh, how nice it was to wake up on the stage of a mindless intoxication.

I see the image of the Man-flow of passion.

He wants to bestow upon me his dreams.I accept his kiss.


Then disappear on my way to the depth that only I know how this maze decoys me and steals greedily my days and nights.


He lives there, Eternal Chaos and his mother, Haze. They take off their clothes and dance like flames  for warming up the mystery of Time.


My miniature creature, bright flesh, 

you are one of the ashes which falls into the abyss imbued with the thoughts of being rejoice in their dance and to be burned again.                          

                                                                     YANA MiLANBERG


now showing

Theatrical Work 

With Great Strasbergians

music videos

Jowell y Randy - Bailalo A Lo Loco

Foe Boyz ft. Emanuel - Upgrade

Painting's music video, “Inside a Cup / Unsure”.

Music inspired video clip "No Gravity" (full length version).

Experimental Art work

"The Annunciation", NYU project

"Yana" by Tyler Onassis

Unexpected Offer - #TeamOscar2015 - Best Advice 

Purloined Pinions (2015) - conceptual art  with Alex Max 


Tribeca Film Festival 2014/ Covering the Red Carpet

HollyScoopTV "Black & White"

NY Premiere / Red Carpet Event

Jukebox Rebel Baby @Katra film series, New York July 25th, 2015

ALS Awareness / the Ice Bucket Challenge 



The Flying girl

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