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Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York

Larry Ravioli: A Musical Comedy Gangster Film

Gary Miller July 31, 2013


       What do you get when you have a film that features quirky comedy, violence, the mob and a cool lounge singer? You get Larry Ravioli, a film starring the talented and one of a kind performer Larry Costa. 


     The film features veteran actor Vinny Vella of the Sopranos, Casino, Analyze That and countless other films as Uncle Eneo, the beautiful and talented Yana Milanberg who portrays the sexy Jane character, Jane Hagerty who plays Gina the Deadly Assassin, Casy Bartolucci as Abrams, Denise S. Anderson who is hilarious as the crazy stalker Denise and Jonathan Mills as the unlikely mob boss Vino.Actress and model Yana Milanberg says she enjoyed playing her role as the Sexy Jane beautiful Goddess Athena that helps her boss manage the mob business. Yana says, “The movie was fun to make because the atmosphere on the set was really creative and friendly. I can't compare it with other shows, but I find ours very unique.”




 JAMES D,  NOVEMBER 07, 2012

       Acedia is basically about a little girl who is possessed by demons. Her dad calls some priests and monks, to try and do an exorcism. Well, while they are trying to cure the girl, the priests and monks start to uncover their own demons. As you can guess the demons are part of the many dark secrets that haunt this place, there is also talk of a magic box that is made out of the wood of Noah’s Ark. The magic box is a tool of the devil to grant anyone a wish, but also it is used to take away the same wish if he wants to. The Devil in this film uses illusions and manipulation as a scare tactic, and it works. This film was very smart and effective, when the exorcism is about to begin, as you can guess things do not go as planned, and to this film’s credit, it gave us something unique instead of the same old overwritten and bad effects bs.

Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York

"Black & White" Makes For a Colorful Debut

Howard Noyce,  MAY 1st, 2013

The movie's final segment goes in some strange and unexpected places that will divide audiences. Not only for the choices Will makes, but ultimately the choices Ray the filmmaker makes, or doesn't make for that matter. The final 20 minutes of the story adds two more female characters that Will uses as band aids for the pain caused by his issues with Tessa. One of these women is a Polish immigrant new to the U.S. named Cecylia (played by well known Russian supermodel/actress Yana Milanberg making her American film debut) who pretends to be obedient and naive but we come to learn is anything but. Their opening conversation in a Times Square subway station is very telling. If you have been paying attention all along, you will notice the questions Will is asking her play into all the things the women in his life thus far have been doing wrong. Pay attention to the answers Cecylia gives. Will could not have found a more perfect woman if he programmed a computer to build him one. But is someone who is intentionally telling you everything you want to hear really "the one"? What are her real motivations?

"Introducing Actress  Yana Milanberg" with Gary Miller

Garry Miller,  October 25th, 2014


Garry Miller: What are your tips for going on auditions?


Yana Milanberg: As an actress who has been on many auditions, I have learned to adapt to the role or roles that I have read for. My preparation is always very stringent, follow the basic rules of auditions. At the same time I master the character by language coaching, memorizing and adapting dialog to my natural self. By recording myself constantly and creating perfection I then feel prepared professionally to enhance my character for the production team.


GM: Do you have a mentor?


YM: I have had many mentors over the years but i have learned that my greatest mentor is in my heart. To become a romantic artist with visions of manifesting my ideas into reality, I will gracefully create a kingdom of incubating my dreams.


GM: Where do you find inspiration to keep on creating?


YM: I find inspiration through profound theatrical and cinematic professionals. I am never attached to a specific character- I am never influenced by a particular "role"- I simply repossess my body- like an angelic communion - with the mood and flavor of my character. Actors who are in touch with this sort of ecstasy find themselves feeling like a burning flame. These type of expressions radiate an audience. Inside me I have not just powers of fire, I have the creative powers of water. This mixture always brings fulfillment and passion. That’s more than enough.

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