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ACEDIA (2012)

Directors:  Joe Ciminera

Screenwriter:  Joe Ciminera

Genre:  Horror


Acedia is set on a country estate where six priests are sent to rid a teenage girl of demons. While waiting for the ritualistic tenth hour, the priests start to uncover demons of their own as well as the dark secrets that haunt the estate. A small box created from wood made from the boat of Noah's Arc can make wishes come true. Once the wish is granted the souls are trapped in the dark corners of hell!- Written by Joe Ciminera


Directors:  Larry Costa, Gabe Rodriguez

Screenwriters:  Larry Costa, Gabe Rodriguez

Genre:  Short, Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Musical



When Larry Ravioli sets out to become a lounge singer, his loan from the Mafia gets called in. He must do as they say or else. Ravioli sings his way through murder and mayhem while bumbling each assignment.

Larry Ravioli is a fun comedic film as well as TV pilot for an ongoing series. It tells the story of Larry Ravioli, an unintentional goof who is forced to be a hit-man for the mob in order to pay off a debt, but would much rather be singing his heart out as a lounge singer. Now paired up with a deadly assassin named Gina and given the nearly impossible assignment of taking out a rival mobster, Larry is out on his own and murder and mayhem ensue. Written by The Vino Family

The Library / 6 Minutes of Death ( 2013)

Directors:  Joe Ciminera

Screenwriter:  Joe Ciminera

Genre:  Horror, Sci-Fi


In a small town circa 1860 small pox takes the life of a little boy. He enters a world that will get him prepped and re-incarnated for his next life. The library is a second chance, a place to select a storybook life and be reborn. The evil darkness takes the boy into lower earth. All the corners of hell are fighting to keep him from reaching the next level. Four guardians are sent to rescue him but they only have 30 minutes.- Written by Joe Ciminera


Director: Michael Ray

Screenwriter: Michael Ray

Genre: psychological drama



The rated R drama focuses on a black man in his late 20's living in New York with an obsession for finding love from a white woman, the multiple women in his life, and the dark places he goes to satisfy this need.  "I wanted the audience to physically become ill when they see what he does after all the women in his life leave him. It's not a love story. It's not a happy ending. It's a story about addiction and the lengths someone will go to feed that addiction. Many of the characters we follow in the movie are addicted to something, not just our lead,"-says Ray.


Director: Etienne Goldet

Writer: David Klein

Genre: Comedy



Two carefree school bus company owners crash birthday parties for the gift bags and free food until one of the duos falls for a single mom and ends the birthday crashing forever.

Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York


The Factory  (2014)

Directors:  Charles Marinaro

Screenwriter:  Charles Marinaro

Genre:  Suspense/ Psychological Thriller/Science-Fiction/Drama


The Factory is a state of the art medical facility where hypnosis is the key use of therapy. The patients in The Factory are able to live out their wildest dreams, giving them a second chance at achieving true happiness. The cruel world is quickly forgotten as patients experience perfection in a peaceful society. Poverty, disease, greed, and judgment are non-existent. But Dreams become nightmares, as seemingly good people transform into sociopaths. Lies, hypnosis, and memories taunt Jayden to the point where reality and fantasy become challenging for Jayden to differentiate. Everything spirals out of control as Jayden presses for answers and an escape back to the outside world. In the epic conclusion, Jayden's quest for the truth will be unraveled, while The Factory's' shocking intentions are revealed.

REDEMPTION 101 (2014)

Directors: Sebastian Rothwyn

Screenwriter: Jennifer Angeloro, Sebastian Rothwyn

Genre:  Short | Drama


A young woman struggles to overcome a drug addiction to retain custody of her infant daughter.


"I had an epiphany for those of us who have been disappointed or hurt by the addicts in our lives that we love.

An addict can't see what is in front of them because they are too busy running from what's behind them.

The addicts we have come across have been blinded by their own pain as well by the substance they have chosen to numb it. It's not our fault they couldn't show up.

We are and were... enough."

Jada Pinkett Smith

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