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On The Red Carpet at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival with Yana Milanberg

                                                             Gary Miller: (GM) What’s the brightest event you visited in New York

                                                             in 2014?


                                                             Yana Milanberg: (YM)  Fortunately, I was working at Tribeca Film Festival

                                                             collecting interviews with famous celebrities. This was one of the brightest                                                                      events for me. I managed to interview over 15 celebrities, including Evander                                                                    Holyfield, Susan Sarandon, Sophia Loren, Sasha Alexander, Edoardo Ponti, America                                                              Ferrera, James Moll, Shep Gordon and others. I attended numerous red carpets                                                                as an interviewer and had a chance to talk with the people whose work I                                                                        followed. Festivals are reflection of the contemporary state of film today and                                                                  offer  a view  into the soul of the industry and these help to keep me in touch                                                                with the reality of the times we live in.

                                                                  Now I am just back from Hamptons International Film Festival. The movies 

                                                            I watched this fall were brilliant in every aspect of cinematography, including

                                                            the power of script, of course.

                                                                  Clouds of Sils Maria (dir. Olivier Assayas), Force Majeure (dir. Ruben Östlund),

                                                            the Homesman (dir. Tommy Lee Jones), 2 days, 1 night (dir. Dardenne brothers)

                                                            are my taste. Short films presented by New York Women in Film and Television 

                                                            were strong and overwhelming as well. I really enjoyed the portrayal of femininity. The image of women in these films was complete, natural and developed. Women know that they are in charge for their future, they are free to reveal their fears and feelings of love and self-esteem, they are not standard figures of good or evil but surprisingly refined, complex and skilled. 

    Alleluia, a 2014 Belgian-French drama directed by Fabrice du Welz, was my favorite this year. Laurent Ducas and Lola Dueñas showed extreme performance. That’s what I call “Super Femme Fatale”.


GM: What was it about that female part that intrigued you so much?


 YM: In my opinion, her acting was a form of spiritual transcendence. In                                                                            general, the sophisticated actor is like the Shaman who dives into                                                                                    characters' depths to reveal the gems or demons of the personality.                                                                                Spiritual healing, i may say. And this healing takes place on three levels:                                                                          The first level heals the actor through the catharsis of entering the                                                                                    realms of the unknown psyche; The second level acts as a healing balm                                                                        

 for one's fellow actors - revealing the mystery of life and the third level                                                                            heals the audience though acting out the fantasies, joys, fears and                                                                                    sorrows, or shocking psychotic drama that few would dare to partake in,                                                                       

 in their own lives.


 GM: When did your career start in the entertainment industry?


 YM: I started working as a TV host on MTV channel in my native city of                                                                            Tula, Russia in 2003. I was just a highly inspired girl, but my enthusiasm                                                                          made me believe that I was born to live in that new world of magic.                                                                                  Several years later I changed direction from TV to Fashion and Portrait                                                                            Photography. Then finally my ambition turned to Film and Theatre,                                                                                  which is now my life.

       Now i can say I am the medium and the stage is the surface of my                                                                        composition - my body can exude colorful vibrations if called for.                                                                                      Alternatively, I can be monochromatic and simple in presentation as                                                                                necessary to make my role believable.


GM: How do you become a film artist these days?


 YM: First of all, in my opinion, you need to be deeply in touch with all                                                                              your senses and your training. For example, at the Lee Strasberg Theater                                                                        and Film Institute most of the technical was focused on introspection      

 and discovery of being your self in given circumstances. This in and of itself

is a major milestone for modern actors. To be successful one must balance the personal reality with the imagination of the director, writers and producers and in tern film artists should be flexible. Whether they are working on an indie project or they are in the multi-million-dollar production. In order to entertain a mass audience, or they are independent and create their own artistic lifestyle project, to worship.

                                                           Moreover, it’s all about details. If you know how to observe micro, macro                                                              elements in the universe, you may act with the desire to heal through loving and                                                          revealing  the essence of the Truth that existence and the mysteries of existence                                                          rarely reveal.

                                                           Most of all, avoidance of any face of vulgarity is a golden rule.

                                                           When I place the mask of a particular character upon me, my goal is to attain

                                                 the character's very essence. I always strive to reach a point of non - duality,

                                                 a sacred place within myself in where I am a conduit of my characters very being.

                                                 A perfect place - where truth is revealed and "acting" does not play a part. In a very

                                                 literal sense I am an actress attempting constantly to reach the point where

                                                 all "acting" dissolves into the magical moment of being - of absorbing and

                                                 understanding the atmosphere I am surrounded by. A place where the air,

                                                 other players and the mood of my surroundings all conspire to reveal the truth

                                                 of the human condition in whatever form it seems to manifest - dictated by

                                                 the piece and the art that I am associated with.



 GM: What was the last project you were in that you watched                                                                                      on the big screen?


YM: It was a social Issue Drama, Redemption 101, directed by                                                                                             Sebastian Rothwyn, produced by Crimson Hill Entertainment, LLC .                                                                                

I traveled to Washinghton D.C. where the private premiere night                                                                                       was organized. It’s always excited to come to the first screening,                                                                                       never know, what the final image and form of my work I will                                                                                               observe. This project was about young generation of women who                                                                                     struggle to overcome a drug addiction.


GM: Were you were impressed with your heroine on the screen?


YM: Yes, I loved that part. I played an addict girl, YaYa, a girl with

platinum blonde hair, very overbearing and stubborn, always does

what she wants. Brave, extremely energetic, ambitious, inclined to act on impulse, but able to control her emotions. She rarely ask for help from those who are near, she believes that everyone has to cope with their problems and ask for help in exceptional cases. In this case the exception was she became an addict and a victim of the modern world, where “programmed shopaholics” feel free to buy everything they need.

     After becoming a member of AA group, she finally found herself and her way to explore her feminine side that is still white, magical and more pure than the powder she used.


GM: What has been your most unforgettable role, so far?


YM: Every female I played is unforgettable and always in trouble ( laughing). And it’s eternal. We live - we have a conflict. In my characters’ lives I use the conflict power for healing purposes. How acting masters say: “Make it personal, then solve the problem” and, that personality usually wins. No matter how peaceful or aggressive the path I choose to juggle these bubbles in the air, just acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves, truly helps to resolve the problems of these roles. We all need – enlightenment – in the end.

Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York

Gary Miller,  October 30th, 2014

"Introducing Actress Yana Milanberg", interview with Gary Miller 

Gary Miller,  October 25th, 2014


Yana Milanberg is a talented actress from Russia that is making her presence known here in the United States. Since her arrival in New York, Yana has appeared on the stage, in film and television. I first met Yana at the film premiere of the gangster musical comedy called Larry Ravioli. In this film, she portrayed the sexy villain Jane. After one year in the American entertainment business, Yana shares her thoughts with me.



Gary Miller (GM): Yana, how did you decide to come to America,

and how hard is it for a foreigner to break into

show business here?


Yana Milanberg (YM):  Devotion to performing in the international

entertainment industry has always been my artistic aspiration.

The American film industry is unique in that. Another reason is

that the artists’ stimulation and community of New York,

opened me up to exploration of ideas and techniques that

I never would be able to portray in any other place.

The other factor is the community of actors and artists that thrive

and support the ever changing stages of a professional actor.

Without this ability to be fluid and introspective, it is almost

impossible to be successful. My experiences for success have been centered on language and culture, in the sense that I want to avoid being typecast as an European/Russian persona. For me this would be a great beginning.


                                                                          GM: Do you sometimes feel typecast, and what have you                                                            done to push beyond that?


                                                                         YM: Typecast for me is not a burden, but more of a vehicle to                                                                                  pursue my objectives and gain the  experiences necessary to                                                                                  realize my full acting  potential. However I refuse to be limited                                                                               and I am  very selective of the roles and film projects that will                                                                                 come my way. Furthermore, I developed a repertoire of diverse                                                                             characters from the Aristocratic Debutante to the Artistic Muse,                                                                             and I have zero  limitations to perform any roles selected by me.







GM: What parts/roles have you played, and what

have been your favorites?


YM: After reviewing my resume, one would see

that my range for acting has been wide spread.

I have played a peasant Abbie possessed by

the Devil in Acedia (feature), Cecilia, a Polish

mail order bride in Black & White (feature), Yaya,

a drug addict street girl in Redemption 101(short),

even a manipulative bossy Goddess

in Larry Ravioli (sitcom comedy), also a cross-dressing

cowboy Abigail in Women of the Wild West (play),

a diabolical seductress Lilith from Goat (play),

and Ellie, a French professor of Arts, lesbian,

from Periodic Maintenance (play).

As my experience notes I am open minded

and excited about all my future parts.


GM: What are your tips for going on auditions?


YM: As an actress who has been on many auditions, I have learned

to adapt to the role or roles that I have read for. My preparation is

always very stringent, follow the basic rules of auditions.

At the same time I master the character by language coaching,

memorizing and adapting dialog to my natural self. By recording

myself constantly and creating perfection I then feel prepared

professionally to enhance my character for the production team.


                                                                                   GM: Do you have a mentor?


                                                                                   YM: I have had many mentors over the years but i have                                                                                            learned that my greatest mentor is  in my heart. To become                                                                                    a romantic artist with visions of manifesting my ideas into                                                                                        reality, I will  gracefully create a kingdom of incubating my                                                                                        dreams.


                                                                                    GM: Where do you find inspiration to keep  on                                                                                                       creating?


                                                                                   YM: I find inspiration through profound theatrical and                                                                                             cinematic professionals. I am never attached to a specific                                                                                         character - I am never influenced by aparticular "role"- I                                                                                           simply repossess my body- like an angelic communion -                                                                                           with the mood and flavor of my character. Actors who are                                                                                       in touch with this  sort of ecstasy find themselves feeling                                                                                         like a burning flame. These type of expressions radiate an audience. Inside me I have not just powers of fire, I have the creative powers of water. This mixture always brings fulfillment and passion. That’s more than enough.

Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
Yana Milanberg Actress ART theatre film New York
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